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About Us

Our mission is to use the best knowledge available to offer solid solutions for creating value for our customers.

Our company was born just after our Ph.D. to apply our skills and experiences, perfectly matching theory and practice together in a fully integrated manner. Our goals are:

To employ the best knowledge

for solving our customers problems both in the private and public sector

To customize our proposals

to the customer needs rather than sellng pre-cooked solutions

To assist our customers

in their business journey, because their success is our success

The way we work

We start from our knowledge to provide solid solutions. Our mission is to offer concrete and tangible solutions, which must be strongly practical and must help the company to create value. All projects are developed in strong connection with our customers.

We want to share our customers’ goals, methods and tools, which is, according to our point of view, the inescapable way to guarantee the achievement of targets.

Two steps are usually employed

We start by getting in touch with the customer and trying to understand its unique qualities, features and needs. We then develop an outline project which is free of charge, and which shows the targets, the timing, the price. Of course, this preliminary project must be discussed and verified with the customer and can be fixed according to the customer’s needs

We than organize some specific meetings to work out the project, and we develop procedures and other tools to give substance and pragmatism to the whole scheme.

Finally, we provide our proposal showing the problems we got from the customers and the solutions we want to provide.


We are organizational and executive advisors, working close to general managers and members of the board of directors.

Business analysis

We support our customers in mapping the business environment, measuring competitors agggressiveness, customers and suppliers power, potential new incumbents

Strategic analysis

We support our customers in mapping and improving their existing business models. Our services provide tools to map the situationa as is as well as suggestions to improve it

Project analysis

We provide services of project management, developing tools to increase projects effectiveness and efficiency

Knowledge management

We provide services for helping companies becoming more productive avoiding to reinvent the wheel offering KM tools and solutions

Start up support

We provide services for new entrepreneurs testing their ideas, supporting them in the fine-tune process

Scale up support

We support existing companies to scale up, supporting them in the reuquired funding activities

Let's see how it works

Why choose us?

A long standing experience in supporting our customers in their business journey.


We supported companies collecting more than 5 Mio in funding their entrepreneurial initiative.


We work internationally with experience in Europe, UK, USA, NEMA, Asia and Australia


We have been working since 2008 with hundreds of happy customers


Collected funds for our customers


When we started


Different services for your needs



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